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Lopata, Jason
Aug 01 8:04 PM CDT
Post #388
Leader taking a knee on Week 22. Interesting strategy, Cotton.
Hohlen, John
Jun 17 8:53 PM CDT
Post #387
Looks like both golfers are turning pro this week, so both have been added.
Hohlen, John
Jun 17 5:48 PM CDT
Post #386
Hey Skip - To my knowledge, Viktor is still an amateur and will therefore win $0 so I can't add him. If you know otherwise, please shoot me a link. I can add Wolff later this evening.
Wilson, Skip
Jun 17 5:38 PM CDT
Post #385
Hohlen, John
Mar 26 9:23 PM CDT
Post #384
Hey Jason! Thanks for the nice note. It made my day. Glad to hear you're enjoying the leagues! I hope you're able to make up some ground after giving many of the other teams some extra strokes :)
Lopata, Jason
Mar 26 11:22 AM CDT
Post #383
John - just wanted to thank you for once again running a great league. Despite the slow start by my squad, I enjoy the heck out of playing each week and following the action. I appreciate you keeping the site moving forward. Jason
Hohlen, John
Jul 12 8:18 PM CDT
Post #382
Hey John - As I explained via email, the system did not lose your lineup. It never submitted because your ALT pick was Bryson DeChambeau who you had already used twice. Alt picks must have only 0 or 1 usages. An error msg was also displayed explaining this when you tried to submit your lineup. Please review FAQ #7 which explains the 3 different ways to ensure your lineup is received by the system.
Belanger, John
Jul 12 8:55 AM CDT
Post #381
John, I tried twice yesterday to submit my lineup via my phone. I selected Stricker, Zach Johnson, and Francesco Molinari. I never did receive a confirmation. Not sure why it wasn't accepted and confirmed. I have used my phone in the past for making picks with out an issue. Thank you.
Hohlen, John
Jul 19 6:39 PM CDT
Post #380
Bowman, Chris
Jul 19 6:34 PM CDT
Post #379
Alexander Levy to list
Kutz, Aric
Aug 13 11:26 AM CDT
Post #378
Oh shit lol. My bad. What an idiot. Sorry buddy
Hohlen, John
Aug 13 10:47 AM CDT
Post #377
You realize that's his first name, right? Who do you want to drop and I can make the sub.
Kutz, Aric
Aug 13 10:41 AM CDT
Post #376
Wesley is not popping up on my list???
Hohlen, John
Aug 12 7:51 PM CDT
Post #375
Aric - He's already there. No need to add.
Kutz, Aric
Aug 12 7:49 PM CDT
Post #374
Can you add Wesley?