Week 1 Alternate Picks - Arnold Palmer Invitational
Country Club Filter
    T-1 $ Bandits
    T-1 $$ Bandits
    T-1 A-Aron 5
    T-1 A-Aron1
    T-1 A-Aron2
    T-1 A-Aron3
    T-1 A-Aron4
    T-1 Afraid Of Bogey-Man
    T-1 All Hat, No Cattle
    T-1 Bermuda Greens 2
    T-1 Bermuda Greens 3
    T-1 Big Wheels
    T-1 Big, Bad Bogey-Man
    T-1 Billy Baroo
    T-1 Birdie Maker
    T-1 Blumpkin
    T-1 Boomdoggers
    T-1 Boomdoggers #2
    T-1 Bowgig 3
    T-1 Brewski
  T-1 Brown Water -- XXXXXXXXX --
    T-1 Bruny
    T-1 Bruny2
    T-1 Bucky Badger
    T-1 Charlotte's Warriors
    T-1 Cobyco
    T-1 Concrete Shoes
    T-1 CptWrench
    T-1 DAWGS
    T-1 Dali Langa
    T-1 Daly Okra
    T-1 Dawgman1
    T-1 Dawgman2
    T-1 Dawgman3
    T-1 Dawgman4
    T-1 Dinesh63
    T-1 Don't Putt Like Jim
  T-1 Drive For Show -- XXXXXXXXX --
    T-1 Edwardo's Army
    T-1 Ernie Okra
    T-1 Eye Love Big Puttz
    T-1 Goodnight Me Lady 3
    T-1 Goodnight Me Lady 4
    T-1 Grip It & Rip It
    T-1 Guilty As Charged
    T-1 Herminius
    T-1 Hit 2nd Shot 1st
    T-1 HoleInOneHippos
    T-1 Hoosier Champs
    T-1 Hunt's Runts
    T-1 It's In The Hole!
    T-1 Lew's Legion I
    T-1 Lew's Legion II
    T-1 Lindsay’s Lover
    T-1 LivingTheDream
    T-1 MOOSHKIE 1
    T-1 MOOSHKIE 2
    T-1 Man United's #1 Fan
    T-1 Man United's #2 Fan
    T-1 Man United's #3 Fan
    T-1 Man United's #4 Fan
    T-1 Michon Sucks
    T-1 Moony's Eagles
    T-1 Mrif11
    T-1 Murphy's Law
  T-1 Murphys Law -- XXXXXXXXX --
    T-1 Nation
    T-1 Nonogolf
    T-1 Perry’s Par Breakers
    T-1 Pin High Or Die
    T-1 Pittsfield Saukees
    T-1 RedDog
    T-1 Road Scholar
    T-1 Robi
    T-1 Skarpion
    T-1 Sonny Golf 1
    T-1 Sonny Golf 2
    T-1 Sophie
    T-1 Sophie2
    T-1 Sophie3
    T-1 Sophie4
    T-1 Spacewrangler
  T-1 Stogalia -- XXXXXXXXX --
    T-1 Taxes Rangers 1
    T-1 Taxes Rangers 2
    T-1 Taxes Rangers 3
    T-1 TaylorMade
    T-1 The Shark
    T-1 The Swingers
    T-1 Tiger5
    T-1 Tiger6
    T-1 Tiger7
    T-1 Tiger8
    T-1 Vandelay Industries
    T-1 Vista Vantage
    T-1 Warsaw Fan
    T-1 Waubesa
    T-1 West Side
    T-1 WheresTheBeerCart
    T-1 Whose Round
    T-1 Whose Round 2
    T-1 Yellow Snowcone
    T-1 Young Sprad
NOTE: An asterisk (*) after alternate pick's name indicates both the alternate pick and starter
were NO SHOWs, so alternate pick was not applied and starting golfer was replaced with NO SHOW.